Francis Van

Adobe Stock Shakes Up the Stock Content Market

According to Adobe’s Digital Media senior vice president, David Wadhwani, 85% of customers who purchase stock images use Adobe as their primary photo-editing software. Since Adobe Stock is directly integrated into Adobe tools and workflows, it saves customers time from downloading the images to their computers for access. Furthermore, the deep integration makes the buying and using of stock photos easier.

Adobe aims for the stock photo service to be a global marketplace that makes it easy for everyone to access creative content, training and talent. For a short time that it has acquired Fotolia, it introduced Adobe Stock – a major step towards establishing itself in the stock content marketplace. Since majority of stock photo buyers use Adobe tools to create content, the stock photo service has a unique position in the $3 billion market.

Working closely with buyers and sellers, Adobe Stock offers unique rewards to both of them. It strives to make the flow of content more efficient for buyers and to increase the opportunities for sellers. For stock buyers, the stock photo website will reduce the friction of purchasing and utilizing stock photos. On the other hand, it will reward sellers for the incredible work they do through increased commissions and straightforward payout options. Moreover, it will help sellers reach a growing audience of creative folks through Creative Cloud.

How can Adobe Stock help buyers?   

Pricing and Availability Adobe stock is now available in 13 languages and 36 countries, making it more convenient for people around the world to access its millions of high-impact stock images, illustrations and graphics. Pricing for Creative Cloud members includes rollover to the next months in addition to the 40% discount. Non-Creative Cloud members has a separate pricing.

Adobe Stock wants its Creative Cloud members and non-members to expect more of the stock photo service. It is planning to add new content types, integrate more access and bring its buyers and sellers closer together.